The Chance of Tim Streaming Tonight

this doesn't work anymore %

How is this calculated?

Magic. Also it doesn't work anymore. Maybe one day I'll fix it again.
The percentage does not take into account Tim saying she will or will not stream tonight. Tim's word always overrides the percentage.

Other Tim-related Websties


Tim's RCT1 Saves

Every RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 map on the stream! Download Here
Don't want to download the save games but want to see the ride/handymen/mechanic names? Look at the RCT Compendium! (Compiled by Murugo) Read Here

RollerCoaster Tycoon Challenges

If you like RollerCoaster Tycoon and wish the game was harder, then these difficult challenges will be sure to infuriate you! Download Here

Puyo Puyo VS Snoop Dogg Character

Now you can play as Guest 420 himself in Puyo Puyo VS! Download Here

OregonChat Deluxe!

This is the program Tim uses when she streams Oregon Trail and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Now you can use it too and become a streaming master! Download Here

151,104 Midis

(New collection as of May 2016) Sometimes, you want to listen to a few midis. Or a hundred and fifty thousand. Fortunately, this collection has you covered. It is, to my knowledge, the largest single collection of midis on the internet. Download Here

The Unofficial MonotoneTim Cards Against Humanity Deck

Download Here

White Ties

A Japanese RPG Maker game that Tim translated to English. It's free! Download Here

Put your creation here!

Did you make something Tim-related that is worthy of being in the downloads page? Email tininsteelian or Techicep and we'll add it! Note: if the mailto links do not work, try right clicking and copying the email address.

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